Legal FM Services

As an exceptionally nimble, privately held company, DTI is able to deliver the flexible, responsive, personal attention required by legal professionals.


DTI prides itself on having redefined the basic expectation of facilities management services as they have been historically provided to the legal community. The traditional model has most often included staffing and equipment for managing mail, copy, fax and hospitality services. Today, DTI brings on-site litigation services, automated document routing, improved charge back methodologies, exceptional technology implementation and integration resources, and other new value-added services. DTI’s value-added on-site solutions, combined with unique off-site capabilities, make us the perfect fit for law firms today.


Traditional FM services such as “mail/copy/fax” have evolved dramatically over the last few years. Those are now the basics, with an expectation for perfection. Today law firms seek additional value for their facilities management dollar. DTI is leading the way in increasing the value provided as part of our FM solutions, often including value-added, on-site FM solutions such as:

  • Fully utilized, networked, multi-functional devices
  • Automated document routing and integration of all technology offerings
  • Litigation scanning, OCR, branding, and Bates labeling
  • Load file creation and batch printing
  • CD creation/duplication and vBinder®
  • Increased billable revenues for firms using “smart” technology
  • Impression management for scan and print chargeback
  • Back-office scanning for less paper initiatives
  • Records management, court filing, and docket
  • Integrated tracking/reporting/management systems 
End-to-End Solution

One of the most important DTI differentiators is our ability to provide clients both on-site and off-site solutions, as well as to help firms in the area of discovery and litigation support, leveraging deep expertise and a network of resources. DTI offers the following services through our nationwide off-site facilities:

  • Discovery consulting
  • Data preservation and acquisition
  • E-discovery data processing
  • Hosted document review solutions
  • Paper-based discovery services
  • LitWorks™ litigation certification training
  • Knowledge solutions including on-site and off-site word processing

DTI’s Facilities Management Services customers and their clients receive reduced pricing for services through our off-site facilities, as well as creative financial packages related to these areas.


As part of our continued commitment to our clients and the community in which they practice, DTI is a proud supporter of legal industry professional associations including:

  • Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) – nationally, regionally, and local chapters throughout the U.S.
  • International Legal Technology Association (ILTA)

We know the value of these organizations and are grateful for the opportunities they offer.