DTI Difference

DTI combines outstanding customer service with high quality people, active off-site management, and a keen understanding of the best technologies available to help our customers save money, increase revenues, and provide a higher level of service to their internal team members and external clients. 

What makes one FM or BPO service provider different from another?

More than 100 clients who made the change from another service provider to DTI were asked what attributes differentiate DTI from the competition. Here is what those clients shared with us: 

People – Most motivated, enthusiastic, service-oriented employees in the industry

Attitude – Anything-it-takes, personal attention; and active off-site support

Management – Hands-on, personally attentive, and locally-based senior management

Responsiveness – Quick to respond with a “say yes” approach for special requests

Flexibility – With respect to staffing, service, equipment, pricing, technology or billing

Size – Big enough to offer all necessary resources, but not too big for personal service

Leadership – Empowered local leaders with active executive support

Technology – Proven technology expertise and objective approach with no vendor bias

Personal Commitment – Clients are never just a number, a P&L, or a contract

End-User Service – Highest end-user quality survey scores the industry has ever seen

Client References – Best client references in the marketplace; and highest retention rate

These are certainly not all the DTI Differences as we are unique in many other ways. Perhaps the most important is our very simple leadership philosophy which states, “take care of the client, take care of the end-user customer, and take care of our own people; everything else will take care of itself.”