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Value-added on-site services

DTI redefines the standards and expectations of facilities management (FM) and business process outsourcing (BPO) services for law firms, professional service organizations, and corporate clients. From traditional back-office functions to more value-added on-site services, DTI consistently delivers high quality solutions that help our clients reduce costs while achieving their business goals. 

It’s all about focus.

DTI focuses on four critical areas that drive success:

  • Our Clients – Taking care of our clients is one of DTI’s core principles, which is why our staff is empowered to do what is right for the client at all times. There is a reason we are confident enough to provide EVERY DTI CLIENT as a reference and testimonial; and a reason why 88%+ of the ultimate end-user customers at our client locations rate DTI staff and services as “above average” or “excellent.”
  • Our People – The on-site team is inevitably what drives the success or failure of any outsourced operation. The spirit of customer service; “say yes” and “how can we help?” mentality; enthusiastic and motivated attitude; and team approach that DTI professionals bring to the assignment every day is a cornerstone of who we are. Our locally based, off-site team is perhaps equally important and, as a group, are the most hands-on and personally attentive in our industry.
  • Innovation – An elite team of DTI technologists leverage expertise and a range of resources combined with an objective approach to equipment and technology to develop innovative solutions that meet each clients’ unique needs. Even more importantly, they work hand-in-hand to implement and integrate these solutions, and to foster adoption among end-users.
  • Savings – Increased productivity among client staff, improved process and efficiency, reduced equipment costs, and increased chargeback revenues are among the ways in which DTI helps our clients achieve financial gains. We provide A+, high quality service levels for a fixed investment that is extremely competitive with any service provider in our industry.

DTI holds a very simple philosophy that states: “Take care of the clients, take care of their end-user customers, and take care of our own employees – and everything else seems to work itself out.” This philosophy allows our clients to focus on their core competencies and has allowed DTI to help many first-time outsourcers achieve success. This philosophy has also been a cornerstone of our success at replacing other providers at a 20:1 pace.

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