Word Processing and Proofreading

DTI offers preparation, key-stroking and formatting of documents including memorandums, contracts and general correspondence. We also support proofreading and related editorial content.

Service Summary

  • Word Processing
    • New Input
    • Document Editing
    • Formatting
  • Transcription of Tapes and Digital Files
  • Proofreading
    • Comparisons
    • Full Reads
    • Compliance with Templates and Brand Guidelines

Delivery Model

Word Processing and Proofreading services are provided via the DTI owned and operated Knowledge Center in Atlanta. We also operate on-site at client premises, managing clients’ Word Processing and Proofreading platforms at the enterprise level.

DTI supports both enterprise and transactional delivery models. For enterprise engagements, DTI builds dedicated teams and then leverages shared resources to scale as required (subject to client consent). Prior to start-up, we develop templates for most offerings and customized operating manuals and protocol.