ESI Processing & Hosting

Data Processing

As a large national service provider DTI has both the capacity and the expertise necessary to process even the largest, most complex collections of electronic evidence. And with an infrastructure that includes processing capabilities at offices throughout the country, we can handle tight deadlines and are willing to assist with smaller projects as well.

We combine proven processing tools from industry-leading technology developers with our veteran team of experts to customize a processing workflow based on the unique needs of each individual case. DTI solutions architects and technologists are especially skilled at leveraging the greatest strengths of each platform to save clients valuable time and money.

DTI currently maintains an infrastructure that enables daily processing of up to 4.5 terabytes of data. Our current technology partners include:

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Hosted Review Applications

Technology-Assisted Review Solutions

DTI provides corporations and law firms a comprehensive suite of best-of-breed, hosted data review, production, and repository solutions to ensure that the right tools are employed for each unique client and matter. These scalable and easy-to-use applications provide for the review of metadata, full text, TIFF images, and native files. DTI’s team of discovery experts is skilled in working with industry-leading review applications and is available to assist clients in designing review workflow to accommodate the specific needs of each review team. And because quality, security, and confidentiality are of the utmost importance, DTI maintains ISO 27001:2005 compliance security standards and is SOC 2 and Safe Harbor certified. 

Our Best-of-Breed Review Applications

Features comprehensive review and repository functionality in a single platform; powerful reporting and tracking capabilities; an intuitive and easy-to-use interface so teams can begin working with little training; and advanced configuration capabilities to accommodate automation of multi-pass review workflows. To facilitate cost effective, technology-assisted review workflow, DTI heavily utilizes the Relativity Application Ecosystem:

Allows review teams to accelerate review and follow an investigative pattern of thought by identifying conceptual relationships between documents.

Creates a seamless, easy-to-use solution for e-discovery processing and review with proven technology for grouping near-duplicates and email threads that is fully embedded within Relativity.

Provides a comprehensive tool set for implementing and managing a review workflow using predictive analytics to categorize and prioritize documents for production.

Facilitates management of all e-discovery matters with a single, easy-to-use application. Clearwell, long a leader in early case assessment solutions, now offers Transparent Predictive Coding, enabling review teams to achieve highly accurate results with minimal input, significantly reducing review time and cost.

Accommodates both review and repository functionality throughout the lifecycle of the matter. Enables customized review workflows. Allows for review of both native electronic files and images. Ideal for use as a long-term repository for trial and deposition preparation and for providing experts access to data.