Data Acquisition and Forensics

Data Acquisition and Forensics

Effective data collection is a critical early step in discovery. For the entire process to be not only thorough but defensible, it requires a comprehensive investigation, along with documentation and mapping of all potentially relevant data.

Our team includes CCE certified forensic examiners who are trained to execute proper evidence handling procedures to ensure the most sensitive data is securely preserved. DTI employs an industry-leading, standard-setting methodical and defensible approach to collection and forensic analysis of data.

From computer forensic preservation of electronic evidence and consulting in electronic discovery to supporting civil litigation at trial, computer forensics experts at DTI have been effective in hundreds of state and federal litigation cases.

Computer Forensics Consulting

Getting involved early in a case gives DTI experts the opportunity to help avoid the problems that will impact your case later as you approach trial. We can certainly help you collect and preserve data, however, our true value is our ability to assist with your evidence and strategy from early investigation through trial.

Data Acquisition

DTI’s team of data acquisition experts has extensive experience planning and executing successful preservation and collection of even very large and complex data sets.

Computer Forensics Analysis

Forensic analysis protocols involve much more that a good set of keywords. There is often much more to consider in successfully reviewing your computer evidence or in being prepared to counter your opponent’s analysis of the computer evidence. Whether it’s analysis of your data or review of an opponent’s data, your expert’s analysis should help you avoid surprises.

Enterprise Archive and Legacy Media

Cost-effective analysis and processing of backup tapes, legacy storage arrays, modern enterprise server environments, electronic mail servers and a long list of other media and computing devices require a flexible approach based on tested forensic protocols. DTI experts have often excelled at crafting proper forensic protocols for dealing with difficult data sets.

Expert Testimony

Expert testimony at depositions and trial is among the most challenging work that we do. DTI experts are experienced at working closely with the litigation team and in preparing the results of analysis for presentation to a judge or jury and defending that work at deposition.

Technical Deposition Consulting

Lawyers are not necessarily technologists.DTI experts have extensive experience in assisting in technical depositions of opposing witnesses and experts. Asking the right question is particularly important with a technical witness. Subtle differences in technical terms, understanding the relevant technology and understanding the results of computer forensic analysis all contribute to effective technical depositions.

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