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To help law firms stay abreast of the functionality of multi-functional devices (MFD), this brief provides timely and practical insight on the more recent evolution of MFDs and their use in the legal vertical. The white paper helps firms better understand the latest developments in embedded platforms, workflow tools and backend accounting analytics,  data security […]

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Avoiding Breach to Bankruptcy: Key Considerations for Purchasing Cyber Insurance 12/4/15

With security breaches making headlines daily, it is no wonder it keeps many in the C-Suite up at night. These breaches come at a high price, not only monetarily, but also in the way of bad publicity. So what exactly does cyber insurance cover? Just like “cyber-breach” can be a broad term, the insurance coverage […]

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Managing Foreign Language Content in the eDiscovery Process 12/4/15

As the need for foreign language support within eDiscovery has grown, so too has support from both technology and human resources who possess the necessary language skills to review foreign language documents. While solutions exist, case teams with limited exposure to foreign language matters are often unaware of the tools, resources, and workflows available to […]

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Based on a recent survey conducted by Altman Weil, one can draw the conclusion that although the recession is clearly still in the minds of law firm leadership, the desire to become more efficient and cost effective has faded as the years have passed. To improve profit per partner, combat competition and be forward thinking […]

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The prospect of the paperless office has been touted for years as the inevitable endpoint of technology advancement. However, many law firms find themselves with years’ worth of hard copy records and an ever-increasing volume of paper. As a result, firms experience increased costs and risk management issues, while the staff is overburdened and not […]

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Document Management Systems & Public Inquiries 11/15/15

This DTI White Paper explores how the use of eDiscovery document management systems in Public Inquiries can save the taxpayer money by providing a fast and efficient way of reviewing and disclosing documentary evidence for use in the hearings and beyond. Nicholas Walker, author of this white paper, is an expert in the electronic document management of […]

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Predictive Coding? Let’s Talk About Predictive Pricing. 11/15/15

Over the last several years, the majority of discussions in the eDiscovery market have been around cost reduction through the use of predictive coding. While this technology, along with other data analysis techniques can certainly drive down costs, they do not help predict costs early in the process. Since developing estimates for eDiscovery services is […]

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Driving Value: Outsourcing and Consultative Expertise in Administrative and Office Services 9/28/15

An increasing number of firms have recognized the benefits of project-based consulting in addition to completely outsourced solutions or a combination of both. “I know outsourcing provides an excellent platform for long-term improvement, but can my firm provide the up-front due diligence and buy-in required?” “Consulting will be less expensive than outsourcing, but will executing […]

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The Transformation in Legal Middle Office Services 12/17/14

In this article in Law Technology Today, Michelle Rosen of DTI discusses the changes happening in law firm operations.

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New Trends for Managing Privilege in eDiscovery 12/17/14

In this Law Journal Legal Tech Newsletter article, Ali Waheed discusses the fact that the cost of litigation continues to rise and with it the need to identify efficient solutions while maintaining transparency and defensibility.

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