Law Technology News – DTI Offers “Middle Office” Support Services

posted on April 18th, 2014 in Articles  |  Read more

Freelancer for LTN, Sherry Karabin, writes about how law firms can now get middle office support, including information technology, finance, word processing and more. She highlights a recent blog post made by Ron Friedmann and explains why law firms turn to DTI for a number of solutions beyond litigation support.  Read more here.

Middle Office Support for Law Firms – Captives v Outsourcing

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Many large US law firms own and operate low cost service centers. These “captives” provide a range of “middle office” support such as IT, finance, word processing, and business research. Since 2012, five US firms announced or opened captives: Pillsbury (Nashville), Bingham (Lexington), Kaye Scholer (Tallahassee), K&L Gates (Pittsburgh), and Sedgwick (Kansas City). That’s on top of at least one-half dozen that opened pre-2012. In this article, Ron Friedmann explores how the established legal provider, DTI, moves into middle office support services. 

Ron Friedmann Middle Office Support Article April 2014

Six Client Service Standards for Success

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From ILTA Peer-to-Peer: DTI’s Garnett Bandy discusses how a service provider must instigate a shift in mind-set from “you need me and my services” to “I need you and your continued business” in order to better attract business and serve customers.

“Just Dedupe It!” – Practical Considerations When Applying Deduplication Filtering

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From Legal IT Professionals: DTI’s Thomas Bonk explores deduplication filtering in e-discovery.  At first glance, deduplication filtering is perhaps one of the easier concepts to understand for newly minted e-discovery practitioners. Most of us are taught that individual items that comprise electronically stored information (ESI) each have a unique “fingerprint” that may be used as […]

Self-Collection: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

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From FindLaw: DTI’s Tony Merlino looks at self-collection for eDiscovery. When data needs to be collected, many struggle as to whether they should hire an outside forensic consultant or whether their IT staff or outside counsel can handle the collection themselves. The courts have provided limited guidance on this issue, so below is a combination of case […]

Avoiding the worst case scenario: Balancing cost and data security

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This is the second of three articles on cybersecurity by Samantha Green appearing on It discusses scenarios in which corporate clients’ data is at risk, and why it is up to their outside counsel to ensure that it is protected. A leak of corporate privileged data can cause catastrophic results, and no outside counsel wants to be responsible when that happens.

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