Career Development

DTI Career DevelopmentThe right blend of talent, industry knowledge, and technical skills have contributed to the success of DTI since opening our doors in 1998. With multiple years of double-digit growth, we continue to expand across major cities throughout the U.S. We invite you to join our team for a challenging career that includes both personal and professional growth, working alongside a dynamic team of professionals. We’re soaring to new heights and waiting for you!

DTI knows development is key to a successful organization. We conduct training sessions based on your role, with facilitator-led training and webinars. Other training opportunities are available based on your function within the company: 

  • Technical – We provide periodic training with our technical team and equipment manufacturers’ representatives
  • Human Resources / Employee Relations – DTI’s Regional HR Team presents group sessions to cover benefits, professional development and more.
  • Sales & Support / Client Relations – Our national sales directors provide ongoing support and training to DTI account executives

In addition to facilitator-led training, DTI provides online training, at your pace, via LitWorks University.

Built to deliver a consistent learning experience for all associates, LitWorks University is continuously updated with newly created courses and relevant material. Associates who complete courses expand their knowledge of business tools, management tools, technical proficiency, and customer relations. Manager-focused modules are also available, addressing topics such as hiring processes and best practices on managing employees in many situations.