Solutions for Law Firms

DTI leverages decades of experience to deliver consistent, high quality services for e-discovery and litigation support, facilities management (FM), and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO). With a unique understanding of both large, multi-office and single-office law firms, including how they operate and the demanding needs of lawyers and their staff, DTI has established itself as a leading provider of support services to this market.

Is your firm…

  • Looking to outsource traditional office or support services, or wondering whether your current service provider is delivering value at a price that is competitive to what the marketplace offers today?
  • Seeking to develop scale and a more variable cost basis for support services such as word processing and accounting that are difficult to staff due to increasing volatility in demand patterns?
  • Seeking to enhance the effectiveness of mission-critical content and customer communication?
  • Involved in litigation, compliance, or regulatory matters that require the collection, forensic analysis, culling, processing and web-based managed review of vast collections of data?

DTI personalizes solutions to address your unique business needs. World-class technology, proven operating systems, and the finest team of empowered professionals are employed to deliver services that enable your firm to stay focused on what you do best.

DTI redefines industry standards related to our core offerings.

  • FM Services have evolved from traditional mail, copy, fax, and hospitality to value-added services including on-site litigation services, records management, cost recovery and impression management, court filing and docket services, automated document scanning and routing, less-paper initiatives, and fully integrated technology solutions.
  • DTI Knowledge Solutions help our law firm clients transform their middle office functions such as word processing, proofreading, creative services, accounting, legal staffing and business information research. DTI helps clients reduce and make more variable the costs of these vital functions while adding scalability and performance improvement –imperatives for today’s dynamic market conditions. We operate on client premises and through our network of Knowledge Centers.
  • DTI Litigation Support Services range from document scanning and coding to a full suite of consulting, discovery and technology-assisted document review services. With a unique tiered infrastructure, DTI has the ability to deliver on small, quick-turn projects and large, complex matters alike.

The professionals at DTI offer unparalleled experience in the legal industry. Our team of consultants, project managers, solutions architects, operations leaders and subject matter experts has worked in law firms and corporate legal departments. Their knowledge and expertise ensure the services delivered for each client are tailored to their unique needs.